Alex Hudish

Serve chilled.

I produce music with atmospheric, melodic flow. It takes you for a trip without words. Music to let you fall in love over and over again... Wake up on the right side of the bed... Smile for no reason... Just because we can.


I draw inspiration from minimalism and simple things to counter our fast-paced and multi-tasking times. We need to simply sit back and let go, that's when my music comes in. This type of music is my favorite, after I fell in love with the enchanting grooves of Air, Sigur Ros and Mum, Royksopp and The Knife, Zero 7, and others.

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Producing for over 20 years, and released by Plusquam Records, Ecstasy Records, and Lemongrassmusic (Germany) under Chillout / Lounge / Downtempo / Lo-fi in over 50 compilations worldwide.

Compilations - Alex Hudish

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